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About Lakshmanan

An avid proponent of Organic Food & Farming ... and the “behind-the-scenes” partner of Munch and Mull.

Everything in the Munch and Mull videos that you DON’T see is thanks to Lakshmanan

Although an Aeronautical Engineer by training that morphed into a 21-year career as a Naval Architect, Lakshmanan’s deepest passion is all about environmental causes in general and sustainable agriculture in particular.

He was earlier associated with some of the organic farming initiatives of Isha Foundation and is also currently one of the Directors of the Organic Retail venture, Bio Basics


The Munch and Mull Story

The Munch and Mull YouTube Channel was launched on 01 Mar 2019 as an organic expression of everything we had discovered & practiced over 25 years since my marriage - of exposure to naturopathy, ecology, organic farming & environmental issues.

It originally found expression as a platform to share tasty, traditional, nutritious & healthy vegetarian recipes while stirring up the viewer’s curiosity through an important, relevant, thought-provoking question to mull over at the end of each video.

Our recipes have been all natural and sattvic, consciously steering clear of refined ingredients and processed foods.

Over these past years, we have received SO much of love, question & requests from viewers like you from all over the world, that we now feel we owe it to you to shift our activities up a gear. So in addition to continuing to bring you our videos, we have now made ourselves and all that we believe in much more accessible to you via our new e-commerce store.

Our Vision & Mission

The Vision of Munch and Mull

Munch and Mull envisions the creation of a community that...

● Appreciates & preserves its diverse cultural food heritage

● Respects small, local, organic farmers & farming networks

● Supports environmental heroes or small-scale ethical ventures actively working towards making a positive impact for a healthy and sustainable life for all being on this planet

Munch and Mull is on a Mission Mode

We are on a mission to help you make knowledge-driven, informed choices about what is healthy and good for you and your family that are concurrently beneficial for our farmers and all life on earth

We want to show and remind you that your food can be your medicine.

Our mission is also to educate and actively encourage purchase and consumption of the safest & best organic foods and lead to lifestyle choices that are...

● Focused on holistic health

● Revive or sustain traditional crafts

● Offered ethically by ventures whose products or services are devoid of animal cruelty and help reduce climate change

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