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Why choose Bio Basics?

Because Bio Basics makes it easy to be healthy. They offer EVERYTHING YOU NEED - all products for your food, bodies and homes.

  • You get to choose from a range of organic whole foods that are unrefined and minimally processed
  • You benefit from the the Bio Basics specialisation in curation of diverse organic and heritage grains with unique qualities, making healthy eating a delight. This diverse granary you can choose from contains (as on date)
    • Over 50 varieties of rice
    • Over 10 varieties of wheat
    • Over 12 varieties of millets and pseudo grains.
  • You can benefit from the empowerment through the practical knowledge and a lived experience shared by Bio Basics.

This unique combination of organic products and support will set you on this path of healthy, happy & sustainable eating

Bio Basics has poured that dream into this video below. In this short video, you will discover who Bio Basics are and why they do what they do. So do us a favour. Just watch this short video.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bio Basics team takes trustworthiness, transparency and traceability seriously. For a start, Bio Basics are themselves certified organic and of course licensed by FSSAI.

But going beyond certification, they follow a four-step protocol to verify that products on offer are organic:

1. Reference: Starts with a careful selection of the small farmers to source from, checking their antecedents and seeking trustworthy references.

2. Farm Visit: Include visits to farms initially and also subsequently without notice.

3. Certification: Farm and produce certification is actively encouraged and supported. But step is not a deal-breaker in case the farmer is unable or unwilling to choose certification.

4. Test: Random occasional testing of product samples is undertaken to check for traces of any undesirable chemicals.

Further, their policy not to bargain with farmers for a lower or cheap price incentivises farmers to always follow organic farming protocols.

Firstly, it incorrect to compare Bio Basics organic products prices with conventional products made using chemically grown food ingredients. Chemical food is slow poison. Organic whole food is safe food.

Once you have decided to choose organic, Bio Basics prices are highly comparable with other brands offering genuine organic produce with minor variation between products.

But do note that the health and environmental benefits of organic food far outweigh the costs. Besides, by choosing Bio Basics, you are supporting fair wages for farmers and a sustainable food system.

Here are four aspects sets Bio Basics apart from other brands:

1. Bio Basics is committed to providing safe, healthy, and sustainable food that is locally sourced, organic, and seasonal.

2. All products are personally verified through their four-step protocol.

3. They pay a fair prices to our farmers without any haggpng.

4.The nature-friendly approach approach of Bio Basics aims to minimise food miles, preserve biodiversity, and use eco-friendly packaging wherever possible.

Bio Basics sources only from small farmers and NGO farmer groups. Many of these farmers and all the NGO groups were into how organic farming is done decades ago - way before organic food became the buzz word that it is today. So, they know where, and in many cases, even which farm their products come from.

Apart from maintaining traceability across their supply chain, Bio Basics, as a policy, does not bargain with farmers for a lower or cheap price. This goes a long way in incentivising farmers to maintain quality and commit to chemical-free farming practices.

In addition, they ensure full transparency and traceability throughout their supply chain. Besides, they also prioritize using eco-friendly packaging and minimizing food miles to reduce their environmental impact.

Bio Basics is a social venture founded in 2014 by Ramesh Chandran & Devi Lakshmikutty, a couple deeply committed and connected to the organic food and farming movement across India.

Ramesh is an Engineer by training and has previous experience as a Fund Manager and Head of Strategy at an MNC, having worked across US, Netherlands and India. Naturally, he is the one who conceived the Bio Basics model and deals with marketing, finance and strategy for Bio Basics.

Devi is an activist at heart and the conscience-keeper of Bio Basics. After initial years with an IT major and a large insurance player she has since then moved to work on issues related to sustainable agriculture food two decades ago in the USA. Since their return to India in 2007 she is a part of the anti-Bt Brinjal campaign, the Urban Leaves kitchen gardening initiative at Mumbai and the Save Our Rice campaign conserving 100s of traditional varieties of rice. Now, she oversees Bio Basics operations, procurement & customer relations.

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