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The Best Organic Food Brand in India - Discover the Bio Basics Difference

Oct 30, 2023


Sujata Lakshmanan

Bio Basics, according to me, is perhaps one of the best organic food brands in India for your healthy future - a trustworthy source of safe, nutritious & organic whole foods. Why? Because Bio Basics is a social venture with their raison d'etre itself being protection of our planet and well-being of organic farmers, which, when taken care of well, naturally leads to the health of their customers & their families.

Bio Basics offers every basic essential that a family needs to make every aspect of their diet and their home toxin and chemical-free, and 100% organic.

Their all-organic products are of extremely good quality, sourced directly from small organic farmers and dedicated organic farmer groups, who are committed to how organic farming is done. So, by choosing Bio Basics products, you are not only taking care of your health but are also contributing to the well-being of farmers and the environment.

Discover below the details of how and why you should make the switch to organic foods today with Bio Basics, to experience the difference in taste, quality and health!

What to Expect from this Post (Table of Contents)

  1. Why is organic food good for health?
  2. What makes Bio Basics a top organic grocery store?
  3. The Bio Basics products range
  4. Benefits of choosing Bio Basics
  5. The Bio Basics Promise
  6. How to buy organic food online from Bio Basics
  7. Organic food Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Why is organic food good for health?

Organic Food is Good for YOUR Health

There is adequate scientific research data today to address this recurrent question, “Is organic food good for health?” Going organic is extremely beneficial for you and your family in two different ways:

    Reduced exposure to Toxic Chemicals:

              It is a no-brainer that choosing organic obviously reduces our body’s exposure to toxic chemical such as pesticides. But what is not well appreciated is that inorganic food and processed foods exposes our bodies to a large cocktail of chemicals. The numbers are not just a few; it could be scores, if not hundreds. 

              Multiple studies have repeatedly pointed out that chronic exposure to this multitude of chemicals, coupled with various lifestyle factors, is probably why we have an epidemic of new-age diseases ranging from diabetes to obesity to hormonal imbalances to autoimmune disorders to autism right up to even cancer.

              Those most vulnerable to these harmful effects are foetuses of pregnant mothers, young children, the elderly and those malnourished or undernourished. The unfortunate fact is that such low doses of toxic exposure tend to unnoticed for many years, and it is only over decades later that many health problems become actually visible. \

                Organic Foods are Nutritionally Superior:

                        Did you know that organic foods are nutritionally superior compared their inorganic counterparts? Studies show that organic foods are particularly richer in micro-nutrients and phytochemical antioxidants such as polyphenols. 

                        In other words, you need to eat less of organic food for your body to get the same levels of these nutrients that you would get by eating inorganic. Is that not cool?

                        Watch this video below to discover nuances of why organic food is more nutritious.


                        Organic Food is Good for our Farmer’s Health

                        Modern agriculture practices significantly increase the frequency & levels of exposure of our farmers to pesticides and other chemicals - by far more than what you and I may get exposed to by consuming chemicals-laden produce. The sheer process of working and living on a farm result in this chemical exposure taking place through the air, water and also directly through their skin. 

                        So, while you and I are vulnerable to effects of chronic toxicity in small doses, the farmer is additionally vulnerable to the effects of acute toxicity of these chemicals simply because the exposure levels are high.

                        There are many examples and studies that prove this point beyond doubt. But the sheer scale of this toxic impact has been well seen in Punjab - the state in India that has been glorified as the shining example of the “Green Revolution” of the 1960s. Did you know that a train that runs between Bhatinda in Punjab to Bikaner in Rajasthan has the dubious credit of being called “The Cancer Train”? 

                        And how can we forget that on average about 10,000 plus farmers commit suicide every year? A significant portion of these deaths are attributable to the debt trap that farmers get entangled in due to a vicious cycle of crop failure that are a result of a combination of multiple reasons including chemical use, spurious seeds, unpredictable climate variations and water deficit.

                        On the other hand, by choosing organic foods, you are supporting farmers who are committed to how organic farming is done, without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. This not only ensures that you get safe and nutritious food but also provides a decent livelihood for our farmers.

                        Will your choosing to buy organic food products not make a a difference to our farmers? Is it not obvious that organic food is good for our farmer’s health?

                        Organic Food is Good for our Planet’s Health

                        The ecological and environmental impacts of chemical-intensive modern agricultural practices are far-reaching and way beyond our comprehension. These practices, designed to maximize crop yields, rely heavily on synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Inevitably and invariably these chemicals leach out into water bodies from the air and soil and have also been found very far from the point of initial application - such as the Arctics and the Antarctic

                        One of the most significant impacts of these chemicals is the disruption of the delicate balance of ecosystems. The use of pesticides can kill off beneficial insects, like bees and butterflies, which play a vital role in pollinating crops and supporting biodiversity. This can have a cascading effect, leading to declines in other species and imbalances in the food chain.

                        That is not all. Pesticides and herbicides can seep into water sources, contaminating drinking water and aquatic ecosystems. This can have a devastating impact on fish populations, which are a vital food source for many communities. For example, a study published by the US Geological Survey found that up to 90% of the sampled fish in rivers in the US contained traces of pesticides.

                        Another major concern is the contamination of soil, water, and air with these chemicals. Research has shown that synthetic fertilizers can lead to soil degradation and erosion, which can reduce the land's capacity to support plant life. Furthermore, chemical-intensive agricultural practices contribute significantly to climate change by releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. For example, the use of synthetic fertilizer releases large amounts of nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. 

                        Unless we take responsibility for our actions today, these ecological and environmental impacts will haunt our children tomorrow in a big way. By choosing to buy organic produce, we can support farming practices that prioritize sustainability, biodiversity, and the well-being of the natural environment. For instance, a study published in the journal Agriculture found that organic farming methods, if used together with other environment-friendly farming practices could result in significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.  The added bonus is increase in biodiversity and improvement in soil health.

                        So… is organic farming good for health? Organic foods are not just good for your health. They support the health of the farmer and his well-being through a better livelihood! Organic farming practices also improves the health of the only planet that we call our home. It preserves the natural environment by promoting biodiversity, reducing pollution, and conserving soil and water resources.

                        What makes Bio Basics a Top Organic Grocery Store?

                        Are you looking for high-quality, organic food products that are healthy, delicious, and sustainable? Are you wondering how to identify organic food in India? Have you been searching for a trustworthy source where to order organic food online, and going beyond that cheap organic online store?  Your search for where to buy healthy food online could end here. You need look no further than Bio Basics, the one-stop organic health food store. Based on my experience with Bio Basics. I would hazard a suggestion that Bio Basics is the best organic company in India. Why? Read on…

                        Why choose Bio Basics?

                        Because Bio Basics makes it easy to be healthy. They offer EVERYTHING YOU NEED - all products for your food, bodies and homes.

                        Bio Basics, with its specialised curation of diverse organic and heritage grains, can hand hold you through your journey of healthy, delicious, whole grains, making eating these organic health food products a delight.

                        Bio Basics is happy to EMPOWER YOU with practical knowledge and a lived experience, so you can be on this path of healthy, happy & sustainable eating.

                        And please don't compare prices of Bio Basics organic health shop with chemically grown food. As we have seen above, chemical food is slow poison. Organic whole food is safe food. 

                        Not just Safe & Organic… But Whole Foods as well

                        The range of produce from Bio Basics is not just organic. As a principle, Bio Basics promotes only whole foods. So, refined and processed foods such Maida (all-purpose flour), white polished rice, refined oil, refined white sugar or salt will not be available with Bio Basics.

                        What you do get is unpolished or semi-polished grains, unrefined cold-pressed oils, unrefined sweeteners and salt and whole grain flours… in short… plant-based WHOLE FOODS.

                        The Bio Basics Dream

                        Bio Basics has a dream. Safe, delicious and whole foods, flourishing chemical free farms,

                        healthy farm livelihoods. And this lies in our hands, in all of us partnering with sustainable farms to grow and eat

                        Bio Basics has poured that dream into this video below. In this short video, you will discover who Bio Basics are and why they do what they do. So do us a favour. Just watch this short video

                        Being Bio Basics - What it means…

                        Bio Basics is committed to safe organic whole foods as a means to good consumer health, a decent livelihood for farmers and preservation of our natural environment.

                        Among the organic products manufacturers in India, Bio Basics is a brand that is known for its high-quality organic food products. The brand was founded with the aim of promoting healthy and sustainable living by providing consumers with safe and nutritious organic foods. Bio Basics sources its all natural food products directly from farmers who follow organic farming practices and ensures that they are of the highest quality.

                        The Founders & What Motivates Them

                        Bio Basics is a social venture founded in 2014 by Ramesh Chandran & Devi Lakshmikutty, a couple deeply committed and connected to the organic food and farming movement across India.

                        Ramesh is an Engineer by training and has previous experience as a Fund Manager and Head of Strategy at an MNC, having worked across US, Netherlands and India. Naturally, he is the one who conceived the Bio Basics model and deals with marketing, finance and strategy for Bio Basics.


                        Devi is an activist at heart and the conscience-keeper of Bio Basics. After initial years with an IT major and a large insurance player she has since then moved to work on issues related to sustainable agriculture food two decades ago in the USA. Since their return to India in 2007 she is a part of the anti-Bt Brinjal campaign, the Urban Leaves kitchen gardening initiative at Mumbai and the Save Our Rice campaign conserving 100s of traditional varieties of rice. Now, she oversees Bio Basics operations, procurement & customer relations.

                        As you will note from the profiles of Ramesh & Devi, they have already been there and done that, and now Bio Basics is their means to give back to our society and out planet.

                        The Bio Basics products range

                        Bio Basics is a treasure house of the organically grown, they offer you heritage whole grains, and everything else that goes with it, right from pulses to spices, oils, sweeteners, sides & much more delightful and easy ways to maintain health. Basically, everything our families really need for our food, our bodies and our homes. All organic and chemical free. 

                        Because at Bio Basics, everything is organic and organic is everything - organic is a way of life; not just a product to sell. They eat what they sell, and they sell what they eat. They believe in the dictum that diversity on our plates builds our health and diversity in the fields builds climate resilience. 

                        Sincerely sourced, directly procured from organic farmers and producers, and personally curated by the Founders, most of these goodies are made easily accessible across India.

                        The Best Organic Food Products in India - All available under one roof

                        Bio Basics offers 300+ organic food goodies that are great for health and the land. This includes fresh veggies & fruits, which are only available at select locations.

                        Here’s the link to the range of what you can get from Bio Basics online across India:

                        Curating Grains - A Bio Basics Specialisation

                        Thanks to Devi and her nation-wide network at the grass-root level, Bio Basics can boast about their specialization in curating grains. They believe that eating a diversity of grains is the foundation of a healthy diet. This is why they offer such a wide variety of grains that are sourced directly from small farmers and grass-root farmer groups who are deeply committed to organic farming practices.

                        The grains offered by Bio Basics are carefully selected and minimally processed to ensure that they retain their natural flavour, texture, and nutritional value. We offer a multitude of traditional varieties of rice, wheat, and millets and pseudo grains, each with its unique flavour profile and nutritional benefits.

                        So, whether you're looking for fragrant rice beyond basmati, or quinoa, or jowar, you'll find it at Bio Basics. Since they believe that grains are the key to a healthy diet, they are committed to making them accessible to everyone.

                        Diversity of the Bio Basics Granary

                        The Bio Basics team strongly believes that diversity is essential to sustainability. So, they are committed to promoting biodiversity in our food systems.


                        When you order organic food online - from within India for now but very soon from across the world, you can now access all curated diverse granary of Bio Basics

                        This diverse granary contains (as on date) …

                        • Over 50 varieties of rice
                        • Over 10 varieties of wheat
                        • Over 12 varieties of millets and pseudo grains.

                        Benefits of choosing Bio Basics

                        When you choose Bio Basics, you are…

                        • Choosing food that is grown and processed using natural methods without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. 
                        • Choosing organic whole foods instead of refined or processed foods
                        • Choosing a wide diversity of whole foods 
                        • Choosing to make a well-informed selection based on your specific health and culinary needs from among all the diversity on offer

                        How to identify Organic Food in India? Choosing Bio Basics makes it simple

                        As you may have noted, the Bio Basics management is serious and committed to further the organic food movement in India. So, every feasible effort is taken to ensure that the safest and best organic food products are always available to its customers.

                        The Bio Basics team has evolved a rigorous internal protocol to verify that the products sourced are indeed genuinely organic. So, while Bio Basics as a venture is certified organic, they do not solely depend on certification as the only means of establishing organicity of the products. 

                        The protocol is a four-step process:

                        • Reference: Starts with a careful selection of the small farmers to source from, checking their antecedents and seeking trustworthy references. 
                        • Farm Visit: Include visits to farms initially and also subsequently without notice
                        • Certification: Farm and produce certification is actively encouraged and supported. But step is not a deal-breaker in case the farmer is unable or unwilling to choose certification. 
                        • Test: Random occasional testing of product samples is undertaken to check for traces of any undesirable chemicals. 

                        But more importantly, as a policy, Bio Basics does not bargain with farmers for a lower or cheap price. They believe that pushing farmers to sell their produce cheap is a sure way to push them to cheat on following organic farming protocols.

                        The Bio Basics Team does all the heavy weightlifting for you, so we and our families can be rest assured that we get the best organic food product anytime and every time. Whether you are looking for ingredients to cook a healthy meal or want to stock up your pantry with healthy snacks, Bio Basics has got you covered.

                        Their commitment to providing high-quality, organic products is unwavering, and they stand behind every product that they offer.

                        Practical Organic Food Information & Knowledge Sharing 

                        Bio Basics does not just sell organic whole foods. One unique as aspect of Bio Basics is that it also offers practical organic food information and knowledge for you to experience a healthy, happy, and sustainable lifestyle. 

                        The brand conducts workshops and online events apart from its newsletters, videos and social media posts to educate its customers about the benefits of the diverse range of organic foods and sustainable living. The contents cover topics such as organic farming, healthy cooking, waste management, and much more. 

                        The Bio Basics Promise

                        Bio Basics believes that safe, healthy, and organic food should be accessible to everyone, and that's why they have made promises to themselves to uphold always. 

                        Safe and organic food that is local and seasonal

                        Their commitment is to source only the freshest nutritious produce from local farmers. The emphasis on seasonality ensures that only provide fresh, in-season produce is available to our customers. This approach supports local farmers and also ensures that produce is harvested, stored and transported without any chemicals. And that helps reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing transportation and storage costs.

                        Being genuinely organic with personally verified farms/farmers

                        The farmers and farmer groups supplying to Bio Basics are not just suppliers but an integral part of their business. So, the Bio Basics team interacts closely with them to ensure that their farming practices meet our high standards of organic production. The Bio Basics team diligently follows the four-step protocol to ensure that they meet desired organic standards of excellence. This allows Bio Basics to provide you and me complete transparency about the source and quality of our products.

                        Trust through transparency and traceability

                        At Bio Basics, they believe in complete transparency about the source and quality of our products. Bio Basics can tell you which farm and farmer grows any of the products that you buy. You just have to ask them!

                        Decent remuneration to farmers on time without haggling

                        Bio Basics strongly believes in fair trade practices. They ensure timely and decent remuneration to farmers without any haggling or bargaining. This helps Bio Basics build long-term relationships with farmers, and in any case, they believe it's the right thing to do.

                        Respect for all farmers' produce without grading of products

                        Bio Basics respects the hard work of their farmers and appreciate the diversity of their produce. So, they do not believe in grading and rejecting any part of the farmers' produce.

                        The Nature-friendly approach

                        Bio Basics is “beyond organic”. Their nature-friendly initiatives and measures to reduce the carbon footprint include the following:

                        1. Their focus on local and seasonal ensures that Bio Basics products have low food miles, which means that they travel shorter distances from farms to reach the customers. 
                        2. We also promote biodiversity preservation by supporting different farmers growing diverse lesser known, climate-friendly varieties of traditional crops using sustainable farming practices. 
                        3. Finally, they are trying out various possibilities to use eco-friendly packaging, ensuring that Bio Basics products are not only healthy for our customers but also for the environment.

                        How to order organic food online from Bio Basics

                        So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to Bio Basics products today. Order organic food online from Bio Basics and experience the many benefits of safe organic whole foods. As we have seen, Bio Basics is the best place to buy organic food online.

                        How to buy organic food online? Just click on the link below to access each of these 

                        Just “Be Organic, Buy Organic”

                        The Bio Basics tagline "Be organic, buy organic" reflects the belief of the founders of Bio Basics - that being organic comes first. Even before one buys organic. "Being Organic" means being the way Nature intended, being close to Nature, being part of Nature. For that we need to understand Nature. And sometimes, unlearn what today's world tells us.

                        Bio, the first name, was a carry forward from the founders’ stint in Europe, where organic food is known as “biologique” (Bio for short). Pronounced as bee-oh. The word “Bio” also means life, natural life and is pronounced here in India as bye-oh - so bio agriculture products would mean "Organic Food". Hence the first name “Bio”. This influenced their motto - “be organic, buy organic” (bee-oh, bye-oh) to represent the fact that we need to understand why go organic, before we start buying organic. “Basics”, because they like to stick to the basics... keep it simple and essential. 

                        Organic Food Questions and Answers (FAQ)

                        1. How do you define “organic food”? What is the difference between organic and regular food?

                        Organic food is food produced using farming methods that prioritize the health and well-being of the soil, local flora and fauna, and the environment. This means that organic farmers avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and instead rely on natural techniques like crop rotation, composting, and biological pest control.

                        Certified organic food certification in India must meet strict standards set by government or independent organizations. Organic food has been found to be healthier and more environmentally friendly than conventionally produced food.

                        Organic farming is an appropriate alternative to conventional food production because it prioritizes sustainability, health, and environmental protection.

                        2. Why is organic food important?

                        Organic food is important because this one act of going organic is beneficial at three levels:

                          • It is good for your health because it nutritionally superior and reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals
                          • It is good for the farmer’s health and well-being because it protects him from chronic exposure to acute doses of pesticides while giving him a better & healthier livelihood.
                          • It is good for our planet because it improves soil health, prevents contamination of our wells, rivers and oceans, helps protect all levels of biodiversity and helps mitigate climate change also

                            As days go by, organic food is very popular these days, at least in the minds of more and more urban residents - which is a welcome first step.

                            3. What products does Bio Basics offer?

                            Bio Basics offers the entire range of organic products that your home needs. This includes grains, flours, spices, cold-pressed oils, sweeteners, snacks and even home & personal care products. 

                            In particular, they specialize in curating diverse heritage grains, and have over 50 varieties of rice, over 10 varieties of wheat, and over 12 varieties of millets and pseudo grains.

                            Read more…

                            4. How does Bio Basics ensure the safety and quality of their products?

                            Bio Basics sources only from small farmers and NGO farmer groups. Many of these farmers and all the NGO groups were into how organic farming is done decades ago - way before organic food became the buzz word that it is today. So, they know where, and in many cases, even which farm their products come from. 

                            Apart from maintaining traceability across their supply chain, Bio Basics, as a policy, does not bargain with farmers for a lower or cheap price. This goes a long way in incentivising farmers to maintain quality and commit to chemical-free farming practices.

                            In addition, they ensure full transparency and traceability throughout their supply chain. Besides, they also prioritize using eco-friendly packaging and minimizing food miles to reduce their environmental impact.

                            5. What are some benefits of choosing Bio Basics products?

                            Choosing Bio Basics products means…

                            • Access to products grown, processed, stored and transported  using natural methods without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. 
                            • Access to organic whole foods 
                            • Access to a carefully curated, a wide diversity of whole foods 
                            • Access to information and knowledge to enable you to make a well-informed selection based on your specific health and culinary needs

                            Read more…

                            6. Where can I purchase Bio Basics products?

                            You can access the entire Bio Basics range of organic products online from right here. Just click on the organic product you are looking for below:

                            They will be delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in India and very soon across the world too! 

                              What sets Bio Basics apart from other organic food brands in India?

                                Here are four aspects sets Bio Basics apart from other brands:

                                • Bio Basics is committed to providing safe, healthy, and sustainable food that is locally sourced, organic, and seasonal. 
                                • All products are personally verified through their four-step protocol. 
                                • They pay a fair prices to our farmers without any haggling. 
                                • The nature-friendly approach approach of Bio Basics aims to minimise food miles, preserve biodiversity, and use Eco-friendly packaging wherever possible.

                                Bio Basics Products…

                                  7. How can I be sure that the products I buy from Bio Basics are really organic?

                                    At Bio Basics, they take trustworthiness, transparency and traceability seriously. For a start, Bio Basics are themselves certified organic and of course licensed by FSSAI.

                                    But going beyond certification, they follow a four-step protocol to verify that products on offer are organic:

                                    • Reference: Starts with a careful selection of the small farmers to source from, checking their antecedents and seeking trustworthy references. 
                                    • Farm Visit: Include visits to farms initially and also subsequently without notice
                                    • Certification: Farm and produce certification is actively encouraged and supported. But step is not a deal-breaker in case the farmer is unable or unwilling to choose certification. 
                                    • Test: Random occasional testing of product samples is undertaken to check for traces of any undesirable chemicals.

                                    Further, their policy not to bargain with farmers for a lower or cheap price incentivizes farmers to always follow organic farming protocols.

                                      8. Can I find Bio Basics products in retail stores, or do I have to order online?

                                        The full range of Bio Basics organic food products list are of course only available online. You can click here to access it.

                                        However, only select products are available in select organic or other retail supermarkets across South India. 

                                        Buy organic product online from Bio Basics...

                                          9. Are Bio Basics products more expensive than non-organic options?

                                            Firstly, it completely incorrect to compare Bio Basics organic products prices with conventional products made using chemically grown food ingredients. As you can see above, chemical food is slow poison. Organic whole food is safe food.

                                            Bio Basics prices are highly comparable with other brands offering genuine organic produce with minor variation between products. 

                                            But do note that the health and environmental benefits of organic food far outweigh the costs. Besides, by choosing Bio Basics, you are supporting fair wages for farmers and a sustainable food system.

                                              10. What should I do if I have a question about a Bio Basics product?

                                                If you have any questions about a Bio Basics or any Bio Basics product, you can contact the Bio Basics office by clicking on this link

                                                They are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, and the Customer Service Team is available on all working days to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. 


                                                I hope you will enjoy your journey of discovery of one of the best organic food brands in India for your healthy future - Bio Basics. We will love to hear about it. So, do share your experiences in the comments section below.

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