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How about a break with a difference?

Have you felt that your vacations are merely a time off from your busy life? Have you found that your vacation has not been a rejuvenating experience, and you find yourself exhausted from your hectic vacation schedule.

How about the possibility of taking a break that is…

  • - Beyond the run of the mill visit to equally busy touristy destinations?
  • - Beyond just bingeing on food & alcohol or drinking endless cups of coffee at fancy retreat?

Introducing… A Break with a Difference

Introducing… The Wellness Break! An endeavour to provide you with an option, to convert your holidays, vacations and ‘breaks’ from work or their daily grind, to a restful, rejuvenating and transformative experience.

The Wellness Break is a brilliant brainchild of its founder, Cdr Rajesh Janardhanan (Retd). It offers wellness retreats and wellness camps that can incorporate holistic and customised combination of one or more of the following range of possibilities

  • o Yoga & meditation
  • o Beach or forest walks that give you and experience of “forest / wind bathing”
  • o Mountain treks
  • o Healthy vegetarian fare, customised for each person by an Ayurveda nutritionist

The program may also include an Ayurveda consultation and therapy based on your need, and subject to your time flexibility & availability of a suitable location.

Watch this short video by Cdr Rajesh Janardhanan (Retd) to discover more

About the founder of The Wellness Break

About the founder of The Wellness Break

The Wellness break was founded by Cdr Rajesh Janardhanan, a retired Indian Naval veteran.

Cdr Rajesh is a Government-certified Yoga Instructor, extensively experienced in Wellness/ Traditional Healthcare projects related to Ayurveda and Yoga, who learned the craft directly from traditional practitioners.

The Wellness breaks are personally curated by him and executed with the support of a qualified team of professionals.

All the yoga sessions are conducted by him personally.

Founder Cdr Rajesh Janardhanan

Frequently Asked Questions

The locations for each and every program are handpicked, based on the quality of its healing environment vis-a-vis your specific requirements

Based on the location thus identified, the exposures and experiences are planned & created. For example,

  • o If the location is in the rural interiors, you may have an exposure to a traditional village and the local life of rural interiors in order to provide insights into our rich cultural heritage.
  • o If it’s a forested area, then you will have opportunities to walk along forest trails & for “forest bathing” and perhaps an introduction to the forest flora & fauna
  • o If the locale is a sea front or beach then you will have an experience of “wind bathing”, a dip in the sea and an introduction to the coastal / marine life.

Your time permitting, you may also be privy to workshops on Ayurveda, sessions on how to prepare healthy, wellness enhancing food or experience the healing powers of visual arts, sound and music. Visits by seasoned veterans on topics as varied as astronomy, astrology, traditional arts, communication skills, etc may also be organised.

In short, you will be soaked in experiences that invigorates your brain cells, piques your sense of curiosity and keeps it alive.

The maximum participants in your group will not exceed 10 or 12 individuals. This group size is always restricted because this is necessary to ensure that quality personal care is given to you as much as to every other person in the group.

You have the option to decide the constitution of your group. For example, it may consist only of your family members and relatives, or of your friends or your colleagues at work, etc. In this case, you can also choose the duration and dates. You may also propose the conduct of such a retreat at a location of your choice.

But the acceptance of this possibility will be subject to it meeting the primary purpose of organising this retreat - to provide you a truly rejuvenated experience.

Alternatively, you may opt to join a pre-announced program.

The planning of constitution of the participants by The Wellness Break Team is based on similarity in age profile or area of work (such a group of entrepreneurs, start-up owners or women entrepreneurs for example).

A careful constitution of the group is essential to ensure that there is harmony in the group and there is a comfort factor among the group members. A random grouping of strangers will need icebreaking time to develop that comfort. Sometimes even thereafter, there is no guarantee that all will get along together. In other words, your grouping with co-participants is done after careful screening and with sensitivity.

Why is this important? The intention of the retreat is to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. Incompatible personalities in the group can create chaos and acrimony, which can affect the entire group and may defeat the purpose of the whole retreat experience itself.

The duration of any of these programs are fixed after discussions with you. The activities are then designed and planned based on the time available. But it will be not less than three days and could extend up to 8-10 days also

The all-inclusive, per head per day cost depends on the following:

  • o Duration of the Wellness Retreat
  • o Location chosen
  • o Type of stay preferred (whether single or shared, facility in stay area, etc.)
  • o Types of activities / events planned (like an Ayurveda consultation, for example)

As a ball-park estimate, the all-inclusive cost can vary from INR 3,000/- to INR 10,000/- per head per day

You will be notified of the cost during the consultative process. Do note that because the group's size is restricted, the booking will be on a first-come-first- served basis and the payment for the whole program has to be made 100% in advance.

(a) If you cancel your booking more than 60 days in advance, 20% plus applicable bank transfer charges will be forfeited.

(b) If you cancel your booking between 30-59 days in advance, 50% plus applicable bank transfer charges will be forfeited.

(c) No refund if you cancel your booking less than 30 days in advance.